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Here are the different types of Scimitar with a small history on each one.

The GT Coupe' replaced the Sabre Six, a small 2 seater which the company had been producing in small numbers from the early 60's.

Scimitar GT Coupe' SE4-4a-4b-4c

The G.T.E. model was introduced at the 1968 Motor show to a very enthusiastic press. The car was to revolutionise design concepts.

Text Box: Scimitar SE5-5a G.T.E.

The new model of G.T.E. was longer, wider and sported  new rubber bumpers.

Scimitar G.T.E. SE6-6a-6b & SE8b G.T.C.


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Scimitar SS1

The Small Sports car range was introduced in 1984. Reliant could see that there was a demand for a small 2 seater sports car and they commissioned Michelotti to design such a car.

Scimitar SS1